Our Mission

  To develop radiation detection instruments and solutions with added value and operational benefit to our customers, enhancing safety through nuclear measurements

CAEN SyS is leveraging the experience, technology and know-how that CAEN and its affiliated companies have realized over the last 35 years serving Fundamental Physics experiments and the Nuclear Instrumentation Industry.

CAEN SyS is blending such knowledge with international nuclear expert profiles, state of the art methods and emerging and enabling technologies to develop and realize innovative solutions.

CAEN SyS is operating in three main areas:

Nuclear Safety     Nuclear Security     Laboratories.

Who We Are

CAEN SyS has a strong knowledge on nuclear measurement, developing Radiation Measurements Systems and Spectroscopy Solutions applied to operations within Nuclear Fuel Facilities, Nuclear Power Plant, Measurements Laboratories and Security premises.

CAEN has traditionally demonstrated by collaborating with very large international research projects (LHC@CERN, ALMA@ESO, DEAP@SNOLAB, ICARUS@LNGS, XMASS@Kamioka….) the ability to well understand customers’ needs and translate their expectations in cost-effective and very reliable solutions.

CAEN SyS is focused on providing its nuclear measurement expertise and technical support, offering radiation detection products and systems that help operators to minimize their Operational Expenses with on-time delivery and with a high degree of quality, safety and security.

What We Do

CAEN SyS nuclear measurement products and systems covering, among many others:

  • Health Physics , Spectroscopy and Radiation Measurements Systems
  • Custom Nuclear Measurement Systems: Plant, Waste, Safeguards, Security
  • Nuclear Waste characterization products and solutions
  • Spectroscopic survey of large surfaces with real-time mapping information
  • Detection of gamma and neutron sources ; RPM Radiation Portal Monitor
  • Identification of gamma radionuclides and SNM detection
  • Networking of Radiation detectors and Robotics solutions
  • Safeguards and Security products for non-proliferation and threats
  • Fuel Cycle process monitoring and Fuel characterization;
  • Fresh & Spent Fuel Burn-up solutions/measurements
  • Nuclear Emergency Preparedness : Training, Products and Systems
  • Site Remediation studies; products and solutions for mitigation plans


To further increase its capacity and knowledge in nuclear applications, CAEN Group has already structured privileged partnerships and collaboration agreements for research and technology cooperations with INFN (Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics) and the Universities of Padova and Ferrara. CAEN is also expanding its collaboration network worldwide (US, ASIA and EU) with Industries, National Laboratories and Academics entities.

CAEN SyS established a privileged industrial strategic partnership with:

  • ELSE-Nuclear
  • BrightSpec
  • Target Systemelektronik

CAEN Network Companies

CAEN SyS is part of CAEN Network Companies, which is a micro-cluster of companies with excellence know how

Costruzioni Apparecchiature Elettroniche Nucleari (C.A.E.N.)
is one of the most important spin-offs of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN).
Founded in 1979 by a group of senior engineers from the INFN, is today world wide recognized as one of the leading companies in the electronics instrumentation field.

CAEN RFID is today a leading supplier of UHF RFID readers
and tags. It has been among the first European companies to
design and manufacture UHF RFID readers.

CAEN qS designs, organizes and implements “state of the art” solutions for Information Security and assists organizations in managing and controlling the critical infrastructures for protection at the highest possible standard.

CAEN ELS is a leading company in the design of power supplies and state-of-the-art complete electronic systems for the Physics research world, having its main focus on dedicated solutions for the particle accelerator community and high-end industrial applications.
Thanks to the longstanding engineering, manufacturing and maintenance experience of CAEN Spa, CAEN ELS has become a strategic and reliable partner for the community, being able to integrate its products and solutions with direct support to the customers and their installations.