CAEN SyS offers innovative nuclear measurement solutions to improve the safety of personnel and maintain the assets of a nuclear facility as well as to guarantee the safeguard of the public and the environment both inside and outside a nuclear site. An effective monitoring of the environment in all nuclear facilities is needed in order to ensure the safest good operation and an early warning/detection and identification of a potential accidental radiation release.

By providing innovative instruments and solutions, CAEN SyS helps to safely protect facilities assets, operators and the public.

  • Health Physics Radiation Monitors and Systems

  • Gamma Spectroscopy Systems : Portable & Laboratories

  • Post accident remediation approaches

  • Customized Nuclear Measurements Systems

  • Mobile Laboratories for Environmental & Nuclear Emergencies

  • Nuclear Fuel quality controls and characterizations

  • Aerial radiological surveys; Radiological mapping of sites and large areas

  • Radioprotection Solutions to support ALARA improvements; solutions for Nuclear Fast Response and Emergency Teams

  • ISO CONTAINERS Laboratories : ISO Health Physics-module, ISO WBC-module, ISO Spectroscopy & Counting Lab module, ISO Clean access, ISO Hub module

  • Technology solutions for contamination assessment, pre-Dismantling, Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste operations

  • Measurement solutions to support SNM Transportation and temporary and long term storage integrity analysis

  • Radioactive Waste digitization and spectroscopic processing monitoring (liquid and solid)


With the recent increase of terrorist attack threats, CAEN SyS, strong of CAEN experience and know-how in designing multi-input electronics for all kind of radiation detectors, is capable of providing innovative systems to detect and identify special nuclear material. Being CAEN constantly working with the most important agencies in the past years, all this experience is finally completed by CAEN SyS that brings these innovative solutions to the market.

  • Radioactive sources and SNM Search identification and mapping
  • Nuclear Industry Infrastructure access monitoring

  • Security access and clearence areas

  • Public access and infrastructure early warning detection

  • Public and goods transportations

  • RPM – Radiation Portal Monitor (Gamma-Neutron) for Vehicle, Pedestrian and Cargo radiation detection with SNM (Special Nuclear Material) Identification


Thanks to CAEN experience in Nuclear Physics electronics, CAEN SyS is bringing a comprehensive set of instruments and experiences for laboratory applications. From Educational activities to specialized employees training, top performance nuclear radiation measurements are paramount to CAEN SyS that is becoming the new leader in laboratory solutions

  • Environmental sample analysis and Very High sensitivity measurements

  • Multi detector experiments and measurements

  • Mobile laboratories and Whole Body Counters (WBC)

  • Educational, Training and Expertise development programs

  • Gamma Spectroscopy systems (HpGe, NaI, LaBr, CdZnTe..)

  • Active Coincidence and Anti-Compton Spectroscopic Systems