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PEGASO is designed to automatically monitor the load of vehicles passing through its structure and detect any gamma emitting radionuclide


The VeryFuel is an Non Destructive Assay (NDA) tool for verification of modern fresh fuel assemblies with unprecedented speed

FHC Gamma Monitor

The foot-hand-clothes FHC Gamma monitor is an instrument specifically designed for checking gamma contamination on the body

MC2 Analyzer

MC2 Analyzer is a User Friendly Software for Digital Pulse Height Analysis for CAEN Digital MCA and Digitizers


GammaFLY is a airborne gamma ray spectrometer system consisting of 16 NaI(Tl) crystals used for radiometric mapping


TOPAZ-Pico is a compact, stand-alone digital Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) which can perform Pulse Height Analysis


γstream is an active MCA integrated in a 14-pin photomultiplier tube base suited for portable and mobile gamma-ray spectroscopy


RAMONS WiFi is designed to perform fast measurements of the gamma activity of bags, containing waste materials


ADMOSYS is an automated Segmented Gamma Scanner station designed to measure drums by means of a high efficiency HPGe detector