PREMATCH is a radiation monitoring device designed to automatically control the gamma contamination in materials being transported on conveyors systems


GammaTOUCH application is a Gamma stream control software for Android's smartphones and tablets


RADARM is an automated low-background gamma-ray spectrometry system based on high-purity germanium detector


Hexagon is a compact, stand-alone dual digital 32k MCA with integrated HV & Preamplifier Power Supply

Portable HPGe Detectors

Liquid nitrogen cooled portable HPGe detector for Gamma and X-rays spectroscopy where small dimensions are important

HPGe Planar Detectors

Liquid Nitrogen cooled Planar HPGe detector is designed for high resolution Gamma and X ray spectroscopy

MC2 Analyzer

MC2 Analyzer is a User Friendly Software for Digital Pulse Height Analysis for CAEN Digital MCA and Digitizers


GammaFLY is a airborne gamma ray spectrometer system consisting of 16 NaI(Tl) crystals used for radiometric mapping