The GAMON-D is a gamma dose rate monitoring system series designed for ring monitor systems around nuclear facilities and nationwide environmental monitoring networks

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The GAMON-S spectrometer series has been designed for outdoor and indoor online radiation monitoring, for early environmental warning and emergency response.

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PIC is a high-precision directional free-air ion chamber, capable of measuring the intensity of a collimated particle beam passing through its entrance and exit windows.

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The MISTRAL XM monitoring system is designed to sample and monitor the activity concentration in the air, in Marinelli geometry.

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The ZB-TC module is a ZigBee (WiFi) transceiver that can be used to communicate data from a probe to its reading unit.

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The WDMS NT-VK system is designed to collect and monitor radioactive wastewaters, which can obtain the free release only after their radioactivity drops under the values allowed by the laws in force.

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