Our team comprises people with rich background and knowledge in nuclear field. We believe that CAEN SyS team members’ strong experience is our core advantage in the world of nuclear measurement, providing customers complete tailored solutions or very specific solutions to embed in existing realities.

Massimo Morichi


At present is leading the CAEN Group towards the industrial nuclear field, developing instrumentation technologies, nuclear measuring systems and solutions (CAEN SYS) in the areas of Fuel Cycle, Reactors and Safeguards applications. Massimo has more than 25 years’ experience in management, research, engineering, product & program management.

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Mr. Morichi joint in 1997 the COGEMA group as Technical and Marketing Manager;
in 2005 was appointed VP R&D CTO of the AREVA BU Nuclear Measurements (CANBERRA Inc. in US) and in March 2011 took the responsibility in Japan of the AREVA Fukushima Project as WG Leader of the site remediation and mitigation plan where he realized many systems including the first on-site contaminated water treatment system.

He established key technology developments with CEA, DOE National Laboratories, IAEA and major nuclear industries and he actively promote and participate to the creation of the “Nuclear Reactor Institute” (EDF-CEA-AREVA).

Upon graduation in “Nuclear Engineering”, he specialized in Reactor Core Physics and neutron simulation & modelling (ENEA Dipartimento Reattori Veloci). He participates to PEC studies on reactivity transient analysis
Mr. Morichi he’s Doctor in Nuclear Physics from “La Sapienza” University of Rome (Italy).

Mr. Morichi is a certified AREVA international Senior Expert (level 2) on Instrumentation, Nuclear Measurements and Safety & Protection and he’s a Certified Radiation Protection Expert: n.1474

He is member of several scientific Committees; Visiting Committee member of IRSN (Institute for Nuclear Radiation Safety) and has been Board member of the Nuclear Experimental Reactor J. Horowitz.

He’s panellist as invited speaker at STS-Kyoto Forum on “Nuclear Technology Trends and Future Prospective”

He has been awarded with International Patents and has many International Scientific Publications

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Franco Vivaldi


Franco has played all his professional activities in CAEN. He served in the time as Maintenance and After-Sales Service Director, Commercial Director and Marketing Director. As Vice President of CAEN SpA he responds to the CDA concerning the activities of the Marketing and Sales Department and new development opportunities.

Giuliano Mini


Giuliano Mini is a Product Manager in charge of the CAEN SYS Decommissioning & Dismantling activities. Giuliano started working for CAEN as Field Application and Sales Specialist in 2010. Having been in charge of the North America West Coast sales area, in 2015 he started to manage China & South Korea and supervising other international markets where local representatives operate.

Matteo Corbo


Matteo Corbo is Product Manager for CAEN SyS. In the last 4 years he was Sales Manager for about half of the European market for CAEN SpA and provided technical support to marketing communication, pre- and post-sales as a Field Application Scientist. He graduated in 2012 as particle physicist at the Sorbonne University and was part of the Collider Detector at Fermilab Operation Team as a fellow of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois.

Erica Fanchini


Erica Fanchini, PhD, is currently the Product Manager involved in the homeland security field. She has a relevant experience in the characterization and calibration of equipment used to detect ionizing radiations and she is also working on the software modeling of the systems. She got her PhD in Physics in 2011 and has a good experience on large experiments in particle and nuclear physics, obtained during her post-doctoral fellowships for the Université Joseph Fourier (France), and at the INFN.

Francesco Pepe


Francesco is responsible of CAENSyS software development. He has a five year experience at CAEN as a professional software designer of high performance digital data acquisition systems cores, GUIs and architectures, involving high speed and high resolution digitizers with embedded signal processing. He started his experience with CAEN acquisition systems since his master degree thesis in Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics at Bologna’s university, and his professional career led him to a deep knowledge of various operating systems and programming languages.

Giacomo Mangiagalli


Giacomo is focused on laboratory tests of the detectors designed for CAEN SyS’ products and solutions, especially on detectors for large surface contamination measurements. Graduated in particle and applied physics at University of Milano Bicocca in 2016. During his Master thesis he worked on the characterization of transition edge sensor used for direct measurement of electronic neutrino mass.

Andrea Pepperosa


Master’s Degree in Energetic and Nuclear Engineering. Strongly interested on radiation protection, after a period working on alpha spectrometry analysis of biological and environmental matrix with silicon charged particle radiation detectors, he is currently Nuclear Engineer, testing experimentally products and solutions offered by CAEN SyS.