The RAMONS WiFi is designed to perform fast measurements of the gamma activity of bags, containing waste materials coming from the Nuclear Power Plants Decommissioning or from plants where high neutron flows were used.

The system is composed of a base structure with an installed control console, and two vertical detection units facing the measurement area where the bags are loaded. The detectors position on the base can be adjusted to best fit the size of the material and maximize the counting efficiency.

The detectors are fully removable from the support base, allowing remote-mode measurements when needed; the acquired data are sent to the host PC through the WLan connection, and a central unit performs data acquisition and processing. The system is equipped also with an alarm beacon, and the analysis and management software.

The RAMONS WiFi allows measurements up to 200 Bq of 60Co in 10 seconds (within a 95% confidence level, 10×10 cm source at 5 cm from the detector). The system RAMONS WiFi calculates the gamma activity of the material being monitored and compares it with the operative clearance limits; then it issues an acoustic and visual signal to confirm the good functioning and the measurement result.

In addition to standard supply, the following options are available upon request:

  • Scale to measure the weight of the materials to be measured
    • Max weight: 150 kg; resolution: 20 g
  • Set of printers for labels (typically written in green or red depending on the measurement results)
  • Barcode reader
    • Reading distance up to 30 cm; reading resolution 5 mm; code distinction up to 10 cm


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