The VeryFuel  is an Non Destructive Assay (NDA) tool for verification of modern fresh fuel assemblies.
The VeryFuel has the capability to measure the 235 U content with unprecedented speed and much lower systematic uncertainty in presence of burnable poisons.

The VeryFuel is a liquid scintillator-based instrument detecting fast neutrons from induced nuclear fissions.
The standard geometric configuration fits the profile of the fuel assemblies for PWR and WWER1000 reactors.
CAEN developed the VeryFuel for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its user requirements have been defined in the safeguards operational divisions.

The VeryFuel comprises a detector assembly and a DAQ system with modular digital electronics, embedded PC and data processing software.
The detector assembly is composed by 12 cells of EJ-309 liquid scintillator, arranged on three detection panels.
The fourth panel of the assembly, composed by high density polyethylene, has the housings for two Americium-Lithium sources (AmLi).

Each liquid scintillator cell is biased by individual High Voltage channels and read out by individual flash Analog-to-Digital Converters.
The detectors and data analysis was developed by the IAEA and Member States Support Programs.
The software allows the user to configure the data acquisition through an intuitive graphical user interface and shows the result of the real time data processing. When the data acquisition is started, the events are read from the digitizer modules, encoded in binary files, analysed and filtered by a series of configurable selection criteria.


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