CAEN SyS Systems and Spectroscopy division offers innovative nuclear measurement solutions based on cutting-edge technology. Our solutions are designed to enhance workforce safety, maintain the assets of a nuclear facility, and protect and safeguard the public and the environment both inside and outside a nuclear site. Effective environmental monitoring of a nuclear facility is the cornerstone of any high-quality early warning and detection system. CAEN SyS Systems and Spectroscopy division products have been designed to quickly identify a potential accidental release of radiation, thus ensuring safe operational conditions.

CAEN SyS Systems and Spectroscopy division offers a diverse array of innovative instruments and solutions ideally suited for several Nuclear Safety-related applications:

  • Gamma Spectroscopy Systems : Portable & Laboratories

  • Customized Nuclear Measurements Systems

  • Mobile Laboratories for Environmental & Nuclear Emergencies

  • Technology solutions for contamination assessment, pre-Dismantling, Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste operations

  • Radioactive Waste digitization and spectroscopic processing monitoring (liquid and solid)

  • Nuclear Fuel quality controls and characterizations

  • Aerial radiological surveys; Radiological mapping of sites and large areas


The increase in terror attacks in recent years has highlighted the critical importance of nuclear security and safeguard technologies. CAEN SyS Systems and Spectroscopy division enormously benefits from its foundational relationship with CAEN, which for many years has been a world leader in designing multi-input electronics for a wide range of radiation detectors. CAEN SyS Systems and Spectroscopy division has blended this technical know-how with a deep understanding of the needs of the nuclear security community, thus providing it with the capability to provide innovative systems designed to detect and identify Special Nuclear Material (SNM).

  • Public access and infrastructure early warning detection


    CAEN SyS Systems and Spectroscopy division understands the needs and demands of a laboratory environment based on years of experience. We offer a comprehensive collection of measurement and detection instruments, many of which were developed in collaborative projects with research groups from dozens of international laboratories, universities, and research facilities. CAEN SyS Systems and Spectroscopy division services also include educational programs and specialized employee training. This distinct combination of experience, knowledge, and high performance nuclear radiation measurement instrumentation has CAEN SyS Systems and Spectroscopy division well positioned to become the new leader in laboratory solutions.

    • Multi detector experiments and measurements

    • Active Coincidence and Anti-Compton Spectroscopic Systems

    • Mobile laboratories and Whole Body Counters (WBC)

    • Gamma Spectroscopy systems (HpGe, NaI, LaBr, CdZnTe..)