Our mission is to provide our customers with radiation detection instrumentation that will add operational benefit and enhanced safety via nuclear measurements

CAEN SyS is the new Systems & Spectroscopy Division of CAEN Spa. Such division relies upon an extremely strong foundational knowledge of nuclear measurement instrumentation in developing Radiation Measurements Systems and Spectroscopy Solutions. These systems and solutions are perfectly suited to operations involving Nuclear Fuel Facilities, Nuclear Power Plants, Measurements Laboratories, and Security Applications.
CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy division is built upon CAEN traditions of teamwork and partnership. Decades of collaboration and co-development with very large international research projects (LHC@CERN, ALMA@ESO, DEAP@SNOLAB, ICARUS@LNGS, XMASS@Kamioka …) have maximized our capability to translate a customer’s needs and expectations into cost-effective and reliable solutions.
CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy division is committed to delivering exceptional nuclear measurement instrumentation, expertise, and technical support.

CAEN SyS operates in three main areas:

Nuclear Safety     Nuclear Security     Laboratories.

Believe in Digitization…

We believe that Nuclear Operations could be improved through the implementation of novel and enabling technologies such smart sensors, wireless transmission, data fusion and data mining integration.

Such Digitization could be seamless implemented in many operations such as Plant and Facilities Maintenance activities as well as Process Control and Data Review Management.

CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy division is mastering such technologies and is implementing custom-specific Business-Case integrated solutions ready to be used and easy to be handled by customer specific data management systems.

Innovative solutions… customers’ tailored systems

CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy division is fully mastering the whole product development chain: Modeling, Detectors, Processing Digital Electronics, Applied Software, Data Base, Network Management, Data Mining & Digitization of Processes (D&D and Waste, Maintenance, etc.).

  • Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT): a Compton camera for medical imaging
  • Relocatable Tagged Neutron Inspection System (C-BORD): a TOF detection system for Homeland Security
  • Tap Water Monitoring (TAWARA): a water radioactive contamination monitoring system
  • GAMMAFLY an airborne gamma ray spectrometer system consisting of 16 NaI(Tl) crystals used for radiometric mapping.
  • VeryFuel for IAEA: a fast neutron counting system for safeguards and non-proliferation activities
  • Multi-detect DAQ for DHRUVA project @ BARC: a data acquisition system for gamma ray spectroscopy of fission fragment nuclei
  • GAMON Platform a Gamma monitoring platform for environmental and security monitoring applications.
  • SNIPER-GN a portable Special Nuclear Material Identifier
  • Customized WBC-Whole Body Counter for ISPRA

Technology Innovation… a plus when is fully mastered

Details are of great value and CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy division care about customer satisfaction when Innovation is implemented

CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy division is continuously developing with CAEN new detection solutions for the frontier of the worldwide physics experiments, so CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy division is exposed normally many years before the technology will become mature for other markets such as the nuclear Industry, and when is going to be implemented is already fully mastered by CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy division experts.