The World’s First Fully Digital Platform for Nuclear Waste Management 

DigiWaste platform components


Digitization in your hand

DigiWaste Platform offers several major advantages in terms of optimization, safety, security, and compliance.
These advantages are realized thanks to easy, fast, and reliable access to all the information
collected at any point of the Decommissioning & Dismantling cycle.

Improve Quality Assurance

Cost Saving

Enhanced ALARA

Reduced Operational Time


Spectroscopic Radiation Measurements and UHF RFID Tagging Handheld

RadHAND is the world’s first hand-held instrument designed to perform both spectroscopic radiation measurement and UHF RFID tagging of nuclear waste material and objects.


  • Measure nuclear waste
  • Securely store all Waste Data (incl. Audio/Video)
  • Write Waste data into RFID tags
  • Sync with DataBase (Web-interfaced)


Rad-tolerant UHF RFID tag family


CAEN SyS utilizes UHF RFID technology, allowing the operator to read/write RFID tags at distances and without the benefit of line-of-sight as required by competitive technologies


RADREAD - reader


Stand-alone, ruggedized portable UHF RFID reader family

Our RadREAD devices are specially designed to provide the Operator with quick and easy access to all relevant Decommissioning & Dismantling information contained in the RadBASE database by simply scanning the RFID tag enhancing the ALARA approach.


  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Rugged, IP65 rated case supports operation in harsh environments and easy decontamination
  • Raised buttons allow users to interface and control unit while wearing gloves
  • Bar code reader included for a seamless transition from legacy tracking systems


Database framework for data storage and fusion of customized processes

RadBASE is a data management framework designed to support the development, tracking and integrationof information critical to Decommissioning & Dismantling and waste management  activities. User-specific access levels determine the type of data an operator may retrieve.


RadBASE is a very flexible framework for data storage and management. It can merge data produced by diverse sources and run user-defined analysis for the optimization of the operational processes:
  • Operators ID
  • Operators Category
  • Item ID
  • Item Category
  • Item Description and Attributes
    (e.g. matrix, element, etc)
  • Location
  • GPS and Indoor Positioning (UWB)
  • Dose Rates
  • Identified Nuclides
  • Pictures
  • Voice Notes
  • Operational workflows and steps
  • Tracking of items
  • Item inventory
  • Gamma Spectra
  • Count Rates
  • Hot Spot (Nuclide picture – position)

Decommissining & Dismantling

DigiWaste Platform manages the digitization of all relevant information produced throughout the Decommissioning & Dismantling cycle and supports integration of previous or legacy data

Legacy Waste

DigiWaste Platform is a complete solution for the evaluation and management of legacy waste

Interim Storage of Nuclear Waste

DigiWaste Platform may also be adopted as an interim waste storage solution for monitoring activities and verifying waste status


DigiWaste platform is an ideal solution for radioprotection applications at nuclear sites where periodic measurement patrols are required