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What is AESJ?

The Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ) is the only organization in Japan that aims to contribute towards progress in the development of atomic energy by seeking academic and technological advances pertaining to the peaceful use of atomic energy.

AESJ annual meeting

The Atomic Energy Society of Japan holds academic lecture sessions every spring and autumn.
Furthermore, the Society also sponsors and supports international conferences to contribute towards the promotion of international learning in the atomic energy field.

Furthermore, the society holds academic lecture sessions in the spring and autumn of each year. The atomic energy society presents the prizes of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan during the meeting in spring.

Moreover, the Atomic Energy Society of Japan sponsors or co-sponsors international conferences for fields relating to atomic energy technologies. Members of the Society can participate in such international conferences for a discounted price.


CAEN SyS will show its last solutions for nuclear application with the local representative SEIKO EG&G CO. LTD.

Moreover, a CAEN SyS expert will be present at the Booth with the SEIKO local agents to explain the technical details of our solutions

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