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The conference will provide a forum for ministers, policymakers, senior officials and nuclear security experts to formulate and exchange views on experiences and achievements, current approaches, future directions and priorities for nuclear security.

The conference will:

  • Raise awareness to maintain and further strengthen national nuclear security regimes as well as international cooperation in strengthening nuclear security globally;
  • Review the current status of nuclear security efforts, existing approaches and trends, and highlight areas that may need more focused attention including technological dimensions;
  • Promote IAEA nuclear security guidance and other international guidelines, and their use by States;
  • Promote the sharing of information and good practices in nuclear security whilst protecting sensitive information;
  • Reaffirm and support the central role of the IAEA in strengthening the nuclear security framework globally and in leading the coordination of international activities in the field of nuclear security, whilst avoiding duplication and overlap;
  • Highlight and promote the IAEA’s efforts and programmes on the nuclear security relevant instruments of the IAEA and the United Nations; and
  • Discuss further enhancements of IAEA nuclear security activities and their sustainability.

CAEN SyS will be present and will show its solution for nuclear security:


A new compact Special Nuclear Material (SNM) Portable identifier instrument.

SNIPER-GN integrates a Special Nuclear Material (SNM) isotope identifier with a high resolution hand-held gamma detector.

SNIPER-GN is easily deployable for:

  • rapid scanning of sensitive areas (restaurants, airports, subway stations, shopping malls, etc.)
  • suitable for terrorist threats like dirty bomb and silent source
  • series of sequential measurements in-field making it ideal for orphan source searching

To discover more about SNIPER-GN: https://www.caen.it/products/sniper-gn/


A gamma radiation spectroscopy system designed for:

  • outdoor and indoor online radiation monitoring
  • early environmental warning
  • emergency response.

It can operate in harsh weather conditions and is protected from rain and moisture.

The GAMON-S can be deployed in a wide range of scenario, as in permanent ring monitoring as well as in moving monitoring stations thanks to GPS coordinate logging.

To discover more about GAMON: https://www.caen.it/products/gamon-s/

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