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What is IRPA 15?

It’s the 15th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association.

“Bridging Radiation Protection Culture and Science – widening public empathy”.

IRPA 15 events

IRPA’s International Congresses are a major event in the world of radiation protection. IRPA15 will be the first congress in Asia since the Hiroshima congress in 2000.

It will be a great opportunity for radiation protection professionals from Asia and around the world to meet and discuss the key issues of our time.

We will be sharing our experiences, both as individual practitioners and as radiation protection organizations and societies.
We will have the opportunity to hear the key international players, including ICRP, IAEA, WHO, NEA and many others.

The main topics will be their current programs and priorities, with an opportunity to influence their progress.
Moreover, the Scientific Program Committee is committed to ensuring that all the current ‘hot topics’ will be addressed.

Many are beginning to think about the future of the system of protection and of our profession.


CAEN SyS will show its last solutions for nuclear application with the local representative Dong Yang Energy and Power Tech.

Moreover, a CAEN SyS expert will be present at the Booth with the Dong Yang local agents to explain the technical details of our solutions

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