Global Measurement Platform for Nuclear Safety and Security



Digitization in your hand

The GAMON Platform may be tailored to the customer’s specific needs, offering critical advantages and capabilities such as rapid deployment, the development of a multi-station network, and improved personnel safety and security in compliance with international standards. These advantages are realized thanks to easy, fast, secure, and reliable access to all real time measurements.

Multisystem integration

Enhanced ALARA

Cost saving

Prompt deployment & connection

GAMON Platform Software

Web application monitoring the GAMON Network of systems

GAMON Control Software

Web based software integrated in every GAMON system

The GAMON Platform Software is an intuitive and easy handling tool for the operator to supervise all GAMON systems deployed in the field by a user-friendly web interface. The intuitive graphical interface allows the user to fully control the situation guaranteeing fast and reliable decision making for prompt emergency response.

The systems of the GAMON platform are provided with a web server application running in the internal central unit processor. The radiological information is stored in an internal database and in the wide non-volatile memory, allowing autonomous data taking even in case of sudden connection lost.


  • Gamma spectroscopy functionalities thanks to advanced isotope identification algorithm. 
  • H*(10) dose per identified isotope is automatically calculated. 
  • Robust spectra stabilization routine has been tested from -40° to +60°.
  • Optional gamma and neutron detector for special nuclear material detection and identification.


  • H*(10) dose heat map obtained from data-fusion of each GAMON System. 
  • Every georeferenced measurement report is plotted on the map. 
  • GPS for tracking and mapping of devices and users.


  • Count rate trend for every GAMON system for research of hot spots and orphan source.
  • Dosimetric trend is ideally suited for environmental radiation monitoring.
  • Spectra dose rate and Geiger-Mueller dose rate alarm can be triggered separately.

GAMON Systems

Gamma Radiation Spectroscopy System For Real-Time Radiation Monitor

gamma radiation spectroscopy system

The GAMON-S spectrometer series has been designed for outdoor and indoor online radiation monitoring, for early environmental warning and emergency response.

Gamma Dose Rate Monitoring System For Real-Time Radiation Monitor

gamma dose rate monitoring system , a shuttle shaped system include a dosimeter for environmental monitoring

The GAMON-D is a gamma dose rate monitoring system for online radiation monitoring around nuclear facilities and nationwide environmental monitoring networks.

Spectroscopic Mobile and Networkable Station

deployable gamma neutron detection system, a shuttle shaped portable gamma probe with handle to deploy it on site

The GAMON Security is a fast and easy deployable gamma neutron detection system for emergency response and discrete monitoring of public events or sensitive location

Portable And Discrete Radionuclide Identifier

portable radionuclide identifier , a trolley o backpack shaped system for discrete monitoring in crowded areas

GAMON-Pack is a human portable radionuclide identifier for dose and spectroscopy measurements in discrete mode.

Vehicle Mountable Gamma Spectrometric Mapping System

vehicle mountable spectroscopy system, high efficiency detector in a big case easy to moun on vehicle for environmental monitoring on large areas and mapping

GAMON Mobile is a modular and vehicle mountable spectroscopy system with mapping features for aerial or vehicle monitoring and ground survey.

Compact Radionuclides Identification Mobile Unit

compact radionuclides identification system , a drone mountable probe for UAV system or UGV system

DDrone is a teleoperated system based on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

Compact Underwater System for Radionuclides Identification

underwater radionuclide identification system
GAMON Diver is a compact underwater radionuclide identification system specifically designed for submerged radiometric measurement and radiological alerts.