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AIRP 2020 National conference – Associazione italiana radioprotezione held its annual meeting in Lamezia Terme in the month of October – CAEN SyS exhibition

The national conference

The Italian Association of Radiation Protection promotes scientific and cultural actions in the field of protection against ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

AIRP was founded in 1958 and is affiliated with the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA).

The Association consists firstly of ordinary, aggregate, honorary, collective and international members, engaged in the many aspects of radiation protection.

The selective admission of members takes place by requesting the Association’s Board of Directors.
The Association holds regular national Congresses and Conferences, Study Days and Round Tables on topics of particular interest.

In fact, every year there is the AIRP National Conference.

During this event exhibitors and sector experts meet together to discuss on the latest about the nuclear world and radioprotection.

The most important topics treated during the conference are: new national and international regulations, intercomparison results discussion and new measurement technique and procedures 

CAEN SyS at AIRP 2020

CAEN SyS first presence at AIRP National conference was in the year of the company foundation, in 2017.

Since that year, given that CAEN SyS is an Italian company, we have been there every year.

In the following years we presented our most recent solution for nuclear security, environmental monitoring and laboratory applications.

Thanks to AIRP, CAEN SyS entered the Italian nuclear market and reach every regional authority (ARPA) in Italy.

The most important result obtained by us is the sale of more than 4 GAMON probes to different regional environmental protection association

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